The blinds that we use are of good quality and are specially designed by us. The material of these blinds is top class and we always see to it that we do not compromise on quality at any cost whatsoever. There are basically two types of blinds that we use one is vertical and the other one is horizontal. The buyer can suggest whichever is preferred by him or her.

The colour of these blinds can be selected based on the colour of the wall or the interior. It entirely depends on the person who will stay in it. If there is something special that anyone needs to get done then it should be informed very well in advance. You will not face any problem while operating it when you close it and open it. It is really smooth as it is made of good material. Still if any problem is face you can always feel free to inform us and we will sort it out at the earliest possible opportunity.

If anyone wishes to get the painting or something done on it then we do that for our customers as well. The only thing is you need to tell us in advance and the painting that you wish to see on blinds should be given to us. However, the price of it will be more as we will have to do extra work for that. When the blinds will be pulled one will not be able to see it and when drop the painting will be visible. This will surely change the entire look of the room as well as the place. Many people have already got it done so if you wish to add personal touch then you can also inform us and we will do it for you.


Carpets surely change the entire look of the room. In whichever room you want carpeting surely make the place more presentable and appealing. We have the best carpets and the whole carpet is also fixed by us only. You can always come and select the one that you wish to see in your room. All the carpets that we have are very different from one another. It is entirely upon you to do the carpeting of entire home or particular room only. However, the price will surely vary if the area is more. Charges are as per the area covered by carpet.

Some people prefer carpet instead of tiles. It looks more beautiful and adds that extra elegance to the entire room where you have got it fixed. You can always select the colour of the carpet based on the colour of wall as well as the interiors in the room. Numerous colours as well as designs are available with us and we always ensure that we provide best to all our clients. Some carpets are multi-coloured while some are simple. If you like simple you can go for simple and if multi-coloured is what you would prefer then go for it.

We get the carpet fixed by professionals who are working with us since many years. The fixing they do is pretty good and prefect. They do not leave any stone unturned and this is what we stand for. Carpets that we have are in different range and it can be chosen by the client himself and the same is fixed by us. You will not face any sort of disappointment at stage whatsoever and that assurance we give you. If the carpet is fixed properly then there is no comparison to that. Make your room look appealing with amazing carpets.

 Flooring Wood

We do the best flooring for you and the wood flooring is something in which we are specialized. So, if before placing the order to flats with us you can come and have a look at our wooden flooring that is done in our flats. Wood is one thing that increases the overall look of the area and there is no comparison to it in any way whatsoever. Do not worry in terms of its maintenance as we will provide you the required tips for it. If the tips are followed in a proper way then the durability of wooden flooring will surely increase and the flooring will last for more duration.

The wood that we use is of good quality so there is no need to worry on this aspect at all. If some special thing is required from your end then it is always better that the same is informed to us in advance. Not only this, there are many shades of wood and we can also help you to select the one that will suit your interior. If you have full trust in us then you can leave it to us and we will decide which wooden flooring to go for.

Glass film

 We also do filming of glass and for these purpose we have experts who do this work. If the filming is done in a proper manner then it will surely change the entire look of the glass. Perfection is the right word for all our professionals who are doing a great job. When the filming is done then it will prevent sunlight to enter your home as well as room. So, if you are the one who do not like more sunlight to enter the room then the best available option is for sure getting filming done.

However, there will be extra cost for this. But the comfort that you will experience is too good. By doing this you will see that your home remains more cool and this also affects the overall temperature of your room. It depends whether you are willing to do darker filming or light filming. This you need to inform us very well in advance. If the glass film is to be done in more area then the charge is more. Comfort is the last word that will cross your mind after you get it done. It also increases the beauty of the room in many ways.

Glass printing

Apart from glass film we also do glass printing. It really looks amazing and all those who have told us to do for their home and flats we have done the same for them. If there are some specific colours that you need in the printing then you can inform so that special care is taken on this aspect. Moreover, if there is some sort of photo or printing that you wish to have then you can show and we will do it for you. We have well trained experts who have already done some amazing work. If you wish to have pastel colours then we will do the printing with those colours and if you wish to see bright colours then we also do this as well.

We also have many samples with us so that we can show you the same. So, whenever you come always ask and we will show it to you. This has become style these days and many people have already got it done. Check out will all the possible options with us so that you do not regret at later stage. Whosoever will visit your home will surely ask you from where you have got it done and this will make you feel proud of your home.


There are many ways to increase the look of the floor and using granite is one amongst it. The price range varies and that depends on which one you have actually selected for your home. You can at any time come and check out the granite that is with us and then based on that select the one that you think is the best in all ways. It can totally change the look and overall appearance of the area. Some use it for flooring while some use it for slabs.

You can also see the designs and then based on that the same can be fixed. For selection of design we can show you few so that you can have a look and it and see which arrangement of slabs you like the most and has more utility. Please ensure and check if the style and arrangement you have selected has been done before. If yes then it is a better option to see it before finally selecting it. Granite will add that beautiful look and everyone who visits your home will also love. Satisfaction is total and it is surely investing your hard earned money. The look is for which everyone gets it done.

Gypsum board

 We have also the facility of what you may call gypsum boards. These are used in many homes these days. It is usually made of paper or fibreglass and helps in covering the area that looks ugly. It beautifies it and thus makes is look gorgeous. The material that we use to make is of excellent quality so one does no need to worry on this at all. It is a must thing as far as any sort of renovation in any home is required. But in our case we also use it to beautify any home. The price of it is not that much as compared to the class it provides and this is a fact.

Kitchen partition 

These days, people prefer to have kitchen partition and we are very good at doing this for you. We take due care and see to it that each and everything is done in a professional manner. We have already done lots of kitchen partition and we do it as per your own requirement. This really good and it increases the overall value of your home and your home also starts looking good. Kitchen is where each and everything which we eat is cooked so one should not forget it at all while designing it.

There are many ideas with us and we use each as per the requirement of every individual. Whenever anyone visits our office we show them the samples on the papers as well as the one that is already completed. This gives an overall idea as to what it would look like. It is indeed fun for us to design it for our customers and we take pride in it. There are many things that we take care when we are actually preparing it. Lots of professional put in their ideas so the end product is just amazing. Give us chance to do it and see the result.

Texture painting

 The trend of this sort of painting is increasing and these days many people ask to get it done in their home. It is a sort of art form and without proper professional help and support it is just not possible at all. Thus, we have experts in this area as well and have already done some marvellous work. If before getting it done in your home you are can come and have a look at sample home and get a rough idea as to how it would look. The effect it has cannot be in any way compared and thus the price of getting this work done is somewhat on the higher side.

But it will surely give a new and extraordinary look to the room and overall home. You will definitely like it when you see it and this is really amazing. Do not worry too much as far as price is concerned as we can also offer comparative lower price if you are getting more work done from us. Make your home a better and more beautiful place to live in and texture painting for sure is the best available option at present. Get it done and see the difference.


These days numerous types of tiles are available in the market and the tiles that we use are of very good quality. Perfection is the right word that you will come to your mind when you see our tiles. You can choose from the lot and do your full satisfaction before placing order for the same. There are many sizes of tiles are available with us. It is very important for you to visit our show room and see all the options. After seeing it you can make up your mind and see which one is perfect for your home.

The colour of the tiles also enhances the look in different way so it is very important that you choose it properly. You can also mix and match the tiles in order to create a totally different look. If there is some specific colour that is in your mind then you can obviously look for that and you will find it from our show room itself. Our tiles are too good and can with stand and sort of pressure and force. It is tested and has been used in many homes that have been constructed by us. Quality is something that we always believe and thus help in delivering it at any cost whatsoever.


 The quality of wallpaper that we use is excellent. There has not been a single complaint as far as it is concerned. Some people do not like to paint the walls of their homes and for them this is option that is pretty good. There are many prints that one will get in it. One can get floral print as well as story theme on it as well. If the wallpaper is for kids’ room then there is obviously lot to choose from. It is worth the value of money that you will spend on it.

If you wish to cover all the walls of your home then more wallpaper is required and if some rooms are to be done then less in required. Different wallpapers can be pasted in different rooms in order to give totally different look altogether. Colour options are also available and it is entirely upon you to decide which one to buy and which one will look better. If you have selected it you will really feel proud of it and we will get more inspiration from this. Make your home look like the way you always wanted to by just simple wallpaper and add charm.

Wood work

 Wherever wood is use it totally changes the whole look. The wood that is used should be of top class quality. So, we do not compromise on quality at any coast whatsoever and believe in doing the best wood work with the best wood. Till date we have not received any complaint and for this the credit goes to all the professionals who have put their heart and soul in doing this work. Perfection will be the right word and many people have told this after seeing our breathtaking wooden work. Compared to any other work it is pretty tough and thus the cost involved is more comparatively. If you wish to do simple work then it will cost less and if you are the one who are fond of creative thing and wish to do it on wood then that will cost more.

You can prepare showcase, cupboards, sitting area, flooring, ceiling etc by using wood. The use of wood has increased in few years and people like it as well. If there some design then you are most welcome to show us otherwise if you have full faith in us then can also do all the things as per our own imagination.