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Being one of the leading real estate contractor and developer in the Tri-city region, Singla Builder constructs with a conscience. Singla Builder signifies the epitome of luxury integrated with superior quality. The spirit of creativity and perfection of the company is reflected in its endeavor’s to achieve excellence, a quality perfected in serving the nation for the past decades. With the globalization of the economy, drawing in of contract laborers has turned out to be unavoidable. High level and forceful rivalry among multinationals and national associations have required reorientation of business and industry. In the current conditions, production is not only to be improved as well as must be financially savvy and, in this manner, outsourcing of specific services has turned into a need. The industry likes to connect with just those contractors who have their independent Provident fund code numbers. Like some other employer, the contractors additionally default or postponement in such of commitments and in such outcome the provident fund authorities request such dues and harms from the principal employers which were payable by the contractors.

Today Singla Builder has gone to the next level through creation of world-class commercial and residential projects. We are the certified and qualified construction company not only in tri-city but also in Haryana, Punjab, and Himachal Pradesh. We are builder who has registered PF and ESIC company number. If something bad is happen, we have policy to recover all. Our each employee is registered with us. Singla builder provide PF and ESIC to their employees.

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